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Audit Committees' Email  

The Audit Committee ("the Committee") is to enhance the efficiency operation and strengthen the interaction of the Committee e with employees, investors and other stakeholders. Actron set forth the "Procedures for Handling Complaints from Stakeholders" in order to developing supervisory functions of the Company's board of directors and the Audit Committee. Stakeholders would like to report concerns or complaints about the Company management, Directors or the Board of Directors, shall be duly handled in accordance with these Procedures.


The Committee will process reported concerns or complaints appropriately and unbiasedly. The scope of reported concerns or complaints is limited to the Company’s operation. The reporter should provide her/his name and contact information. But the details about the report and reporter will be confidential, within 1 month upon after receiving a complaint, the Committee will revert to the reporter with the response or designated response date in a proper way.






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