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Audit Committee

To perform Board of Directors’ duty of supervision and to strengthen the management mechanism, ACT establishes the Audit Committee, which be comprised of all three independent directors, at least one (1) of whom shall have accounting or financial expertise. Mrs. Peggy Wang is the chairman of the Audit Committee. The Committee meets at least once every quarter.


The Audit Committee helps to supervise the following items:
1. Appropriate description of the financial report of the company.
2. New appointment, conge, qualification, independence and credit of CPA.
3. Effective implementation of the internal control.
4. Abidance of relevant laws and regulations.
5. Existing and potential risks management.

Compensation Committee

To ensure a sound system for the compensation of ACT’s directors(including independent directors), supervisors, and managers, ACT establishes the Compensation Committee, which be comprised of all three independent directors. Mr. YUNG-CHOU KING is the chairman of the Compensation Committee. The Committee meets at least twice every year.


The Compensation Committee assists the Board in discharging its responsibilities related to ACT’s compensation and benefits policies, plans and programs, and in the evaluation and compensation of ACT’s directors of the Board and executives.


Audit Committee

Compensation Committee

Peggy Wang

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