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Legal Statement on Investor Service  

To make use of information related to investor service, please read this legal statement carefully.

The financial statements, annual reports, press releases and other information on this Website were prepared to reflect the actual situation as the specific date required by the authorities concerned. Such information may become inaccurate or incomplete as due to passage of time and/or subsequent events and the Company undertake no obligation to update or revise such information.

The information disclosed in this Website may contain predictive narration. However, as there exist so many factors which may make the later development of an event or its actual results widely depart from the predictive narration, the Company hereby declares that it will not bear the responsibility for renewing the predictive narration.

The information disclosed in this Website is made public solely for the circulation of information, and is not the Company’s solicitation to transact or inducement to solicit the transaction of any stock.



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